Which stage are you at?

You’ve got an idea

You want to create social change, using energy, and you have an idea for how to do it.

You’re passionate about making this happen.

You’d like support to create your business plan and learn from other entrepreneurs.

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You’re ready to grow

You lead an early stage social venture delivering energy or energy related products/services.

You’re ambitious for rapid growth.

You need money to invest in your business and business support to move to the next stage.

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You’re ready to scale

You lead a dynamic and successful venture delivering social change through energy or energy-related products and services that has been trading for at least one year.

You are ready to replicate your business locally or nationally.

You need money to invest in your business, plus support to replicate your success.

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You need to raise capital

You’re in the market for debt or equity investment for your energy or energy-related business that is delivering social change.

You’ve got a great team and ambitious growth plan.

You’d like access to funding, powerful networks and highly skilled energy expertise.

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