The Successful Big Energy Idea Announced

The 10 final Big Energy ideas are:

Brackenburn: Based in the South West, Brackenburn has created new technology that enables the use of locally harvested brack to produce briquettes for wood burning stoves.

Co-wheels: Based in North East, UK wide, Co-Wheels is the first registered social enterprise that focuses on making personal mobility accessible for lower income communities while reducing car use.

Energy Box West End: Based in Soho, Energy Box will deliver a £100 per year cost of energy reduction per household in fuel poverty while employing people from the same communities to manage and maintain the system.

Energise London: In four of London’s 33 boroughs, Energise London operate free energy savings advice helplines and train employees to recognise and address fuel poverty.

Energy Solutions Malvern: Based in West Midlands, Energy Solutions Malvern provide renewable energy installations to customers who enjoy return on investments and environmental benefits from a reduction in their carbon footprint.

Gower Power: Based in Wales, Gower Power will build solar farms, providing green electricity for households and a local school. Using the Feed In Tariff income they will grow affordable, local produced food on the farm owned as part of the Co-op structure.

GrowUp Urban Farms: Based in London, GrowUp Urban Farms will create urban farms that use sustainable technology to grow food for local communities that lack open spaces in a way that is energy efficient.

Rekindling: Based in London, Rekindling will support the rehabilitation of offenders by making what would otherwise have been waste wood into bags of firewood and kindling which will be sold commercially.

Sust-it: Based in the South West, Sust-it is a customer focused energy use comparison and advice website that assists low income individuals and improve energy literacy.

Warm Age Wood Company: Based in North Yorkshire, Health Squared sell wood briquettes as a commercial venture for public good. Working with local health partners, their public good is providing renewable energy to all customers and free briquettes to targeted older peopel to keep them warm.

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