Case Study

GrowUp Urban Farms

GrowUp Urban Farms will be building commercial-scale aquaponics farms to grow food locally in urban communities. Aquaponics recycles nutritious wastewater from fish tanks and uses the water from the fish tanks to fertilise crops of salads and herbs. Aquaponics is a highly efficient way to turn energy and water into food in urban areas.

With our investment of £1,00,000, GrowUp have built their first large-scale urban farm, and will plan their second farm and continue their community engagement work.

Ignite’s investment will enable GrowUp to train and employ young people from each local area where they build a farm, with their first farm creating three jobs in Beckton, East London. This farm will allow GrowUp to continue their community engagement work around nutrition, sustainable fish and farming; and new technologies following on from the success of their first project in the area, the GrowUp Box.

GrowUp also plan to increase their impact by selling at least 25% of produce in the borough in which it is grown.

“Working with Ignite has been an amazing experience – they supported us every step of the way through the investment process and we are confident that their support network and expertise will be a key part of our success over the coming years.” Kate Hofman, CEO and Co-founder, GrowUp Urban Farms.

“We were immediately impressed by the exciting team at GrowUp who have made great progress in a short space of time. Centrica will be working with GrowUp to optimise management of water and heating flows as well as improving energy efficiency in their farms.” -Ignite Social Enterprise LP, backed by Centrica Plc.