Case Study

Green Running

Green Running has developed a technology that analyses electricity usage at over a hundred thousand times per second, learning patterns and anomalies in the data. This allows the technology to identify the electricity consumption of different appliances being used and is able to display the results in real time on an accompanying app. In addition it can identify faults on appliances and wasted energy usage. The technology can be deployed in commercial, residential and electricity network environments.

With an investment of £750,000 from Ignite, Green Running will develop and pilot its new residential product to complement its existing commercial business. The pilot will help to develop an effective user interface and energy saving suggestions for those in social housing. The device’s ability to monitor solar electricity and encourage people to change tasks to times when they are receiving free solar power will also be tested. The funding will also allow Green Running to grow its commercial sales capacity.

Green Running is committed to making the technology accessible to all groups of domestic customers, with particular focus on older people on fixed incomes, social housing residents on low incomes and families with young children who can be engaged with app games.

“The rapid in-situ processing showing usage changes in real time, and the artificial intelligence to learn usage patterns and identifying the 10 appliances adding the most to people’s bills, really impressed us.” Ignite Social Enterprise LP, backed by Centrica Plc