Case Study

Global Action Plan

Did you know that, whilst overall levels of unemployment are falling, one in seven 16-25 year olds are still unemployed? And that by 2020 there are expected to be c400,000 new jobs in the green collar (sustainability) industry? When you put these two pieces of information together it’s hard to imagine how we will have the skills we need for the future.

Global Action Plan has combined these two facts, with the high amount of spend on energy, water and other utilities that we all incur to come up with the unique Catalyst programme solution. Providing young people with training, knowledge and experience, the Catalyst programme will channel their talent, enthusiasm and energy into helping all of us to take control of our utility bills.

Ignite has invested £317,000 over five years into Global Action Plan to help them provide behaviour change training and career development support to 150 NEETS (young people who are not in employment, education or training). Of those trained, Global Action Plan will go on to employ 25 young people. This is a fantastic opportunity for these young people and a chance for Global Action Plan to gain much needed resource for the delivery of successful energy behaviour change programmes. We’re also providing a Talent Development Manager to Global Action Plan for a year to help them to run the Catalyst internship programme and mentor the other 125 trainees into new employed roles.

Our investment will help Global Action Plan to scale up the impact of its programmes. Last year Global Action Plan delivered savings of 5,288,647 KWh of energy across all of its programmes. Global Action Plan realised carbon dioxide savings of nearly five thousand tonnes (includes water, travel and waste savings) and in 2014/15 Global Action Plan estimates that it will produce around £0.75M of energy savings for the NHS.

“We were excited by Global Action Plan’s Catalyst youth training programme because of the positive social and environmental impacts that it can make in so many areas. For example, spend by NHS Trusts on energy bills is a big area of expenditure for them and we believe that the Catalyst programme can help the scale up on Global Action Plan’s highly rated Operation TLC programme.” Ignite Social Enterprise LP, backed by Centrica Plc